OuR ProducTs

Since generations we work
the raw materials with passion
by following the tradition

and cHeese

In Lessinia since generations we have been working milk every day and we transform it with passion into cheese, butter and other extraordinary products: we talk about the Monte Veronese DOP, the Grana Padano, which we produced for years, and then we started producing our Gran Lessinia, passing through the soft and delicate tastes of the caciottina, decorated with scents and fragrances of honey, wine and wild berries of our land.

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Products Casearia Albi
Products Casearia Albi



In order to give more value to our passion, our art, our dreams we decided to commit to a project we are proud of: to join other farms of the area to create an organic product line of cheese and other food specialties by strictly connecting to the territory.

Organic because we are sure that work here is a unique and amazing opportunity, that each effort can give more value to what we produce, that our land deserves our love; and we are sure that everything you will taste will instill you all these feelings.

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We are among the founders of the Consorzio Monte Veronese DOP, which we produce in three different variations: Monte Veronese from breed, fresh Monte Veronese and old Monte Veronese. But we don't make only cheese: we offer a selection of handmade cured meats which our family has been producing for more than 10 years by using the best parts of the porks that we breed in Velo Veronese. They are feeded with the milk serum derived from our dairy production.

Monte Veronese

Monte Veronese

Monte Veronese is a protected designation of origin (PDO) Italian cheese from Lessinia, which is produced exclusively with cow's milk with different makings based on the typology: whole milk or from breed.

Cured meats

Cured meaTs

The quality of our handmade cured meats comes especially from a rich mixture of all the most selected pork's parts, from our handmade stuffing method and from a controlled and protected aging in all its phases.